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Colour finishes

JIS plastic windows and doors come not only in white colour but also in a variety of wood imitation and colour finishes. It is also possible to match the window colours with various accessories such as door handles, window sills, blinds or fly screens.

Possible application of surface film/imitation finish:

  • one-sided
  • two-sided

Colours of sealing and PVC carrier (frame profile and leaf/sash):

window colour finish Carrier colour

Sealing colour
two-sided white white
standard colours – one-sided white
standard colours – two-sided brown
non-standard colours - (one- and two-sided)  

Standard colours

Dark oak Mahogany Walnut Golden oak Douglas
Oregon Nevada Sierra Pine Natural dub
Black Green Steel blue Anthracite grey Grey

Titanium Plus – exclusive window design

Titanium Plus is a specially developed window profile which, thanks to its special properties, will enable you to newly arrange and adjust the windows and doors of your house. The profile used combines high-quality aluminium surface finish with all functional and financial advantages of regular plastic windows.

The unique and attractive design of Titanium Plus profiles developed exclusively for Inoutic profiles offers many advantages:

Glittery aluminium appearance
The metallic shine of our high-quality Titanium Plus paints is created thanks to particles of special pigment, which reflect light and give the window a characteristic metallic look.

Attractive price
Titanium Plus profiles are more affordable when compared with common aluminium windows.

Guarantee of durability
A film which covers the Titanium Plus profiles is much more resistant to UV radiation and has better thermal insulation properties than commonly used films.

Range of colours
You can choose from seven colours, which will allow you to match the design with any facade:

Graphite black Brass brown Aluminium grey Thorium grey Aluminium white

Lithium black Titanium white

A brochure of Titanium Plus profiles can be downloaded >>here<<

Renolit non-standard colours

Sour cherry Tabasco teak Macoré Soft cherry Rustic oak
Light oak Pine Rustic cherry Irish oak Oak antique
Black-brown Brown Wine red Dark red Light red
Dark green Light green Bright blue Warm white Creamy white

Light grey

Hornschuch non-standard colours

Walnuss kolonial Sorrento Balsamico Cherry amaretto Walnuss amaretto Sorrento Natur

Birkie rose Signalblau Metbrush aluminium Pastellgrün
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